Corporate name:
  Asfalti Sintex S.p.A.
Head offices:
  Via Sambuca Pistoiese n. 57
ZIP Code 00138 Roma- Italy
Tel. +39 (0) 6 880.71.01
Fax. + 39 (0) 6 885.222.47
Technical office:
  P.zza San Francesco n. 7
ZIP Code 40122 Bologna - Italy
Tel. +39 (0) 51 643.55.11
Fax +39 (0) 51 23.55.58
Share Capital:
  Euro 10.000.000,00
Corporate purpose:

To engage in the design and execution of work contracts, or works in concession, related to roads, railways and airports in general, viaducts and bridges in reinforced concrete or steel, hydraulic settlement and defense works, dams and maritime works, tunnels, aqueducts, oil-pipelines, gas-pipelines, sewerages, civil and industrial engineering works in general, earthworks; the execution, for own account or on behalf of third parties, of works related to the conservation of artistical, historical, archaeological and ecological patrimony.

I.V.A. 04175000373 - R.E.A. nº 897726 - S.O.A. nº 01572/17/00